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Fantasy Hockey Is Back at Fantasy Sports Live

The return of the NHL this weekend means the return of fantasy hockey. I’ve gotten in on the action with a couple of groups over at Yahoo – one locally with my wife and some old friends, and two with hockey bloggers from the FanSided network – but those are strictly for fun. Fantasy Sports Live is where I’ll be playing my fantasy hockey for cash.
Fantasy hockey contests daily at Fantasy Sports LiveFantasy Sports Live works differently than the old-school version of fantasy sports, where you draft one team and make transactions throughout the season. Those leagues reward skill, but they also take a lot of time and effort. In FSL’s version of fantasy sports skill is still the most important factor, but the time required to play is condensed into just one day. You pay to enter the contest, draft your team based on a point cap, click “Play,” and then kick back to watch the day’s games.

Fantasy hockey at FSL has all of the upside of classic fantasy hockey without the waiting. Games are available in a number of formats, including heads-up, six-team, and 10-team. It’s 100 percent safe and legal. Winners are paid out quickly. And best of all the rake is low: heads-up contests pay out anywhere from 92.6 to 94.3 percent, meaning you profit more for your fantasy hockey skills.

If you decide you want to get in on some of this daily fantasy hockey action, head over to Fantasy Sports Live and start up an account. Be sure to use the bonus code Spaceman when you deposit!!! That will get you an instant bonus added to your first deposit, worth $10 on a $50 deposit, $20 on $100, or $30 on $200 – perfect for getting started.

If you’re new to daily fantasy hockey you can use that extra cash to enter some of the $2.70 Beginner contests, which are limited to players with less than 100 wins on the site and feature low buy-ins to help you withstand variance as you get used to playing. Or you can jump in head-first and play in the $200 heads-up contests. The choice is yours!

Remember to use bonus code Spaceman when you deposit – and good luck with all your fantasy hockey this season!

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