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Category Archives: Not Poker

Anything that’s not poker-related.

Three Happy Dogs

We gave the dogs a special treat today: raw bison bones. This made them very happy. If happy dogs make you happy, click on each picture for a bigger version. If they don’t – well, suit yourself.

Charlie Tuttle Day

It’s been nearly four years since my good friend Charlie Tuttle died. Since he left us, it’s been impossible to miss that his presence is still here in the form of all the people he touched. With that in mind, I’m putting together a gathering of all the people who loved Charlie at the site […]

On Agua Trip’s Genetics

In late 2001 and early 2002 I finished up my eighth and final year of college (long story for a different day) with a light course load, sharing half of a broken down, high-ceilinged, turn-of-the-20th-century house on Marion Street in Clarksville TN with two of my best friends. The house was divided into two apartments; […]

What Is The Best Triple Sec?

Triple Sec Mafia.

Stop Passenger, Stop See Where I Ly

I have an external hard drive I bought before last year’s WSOP that stores I use as a catch-all for my photo and music collections. Turns out that being sick is a great excuse for digging through old photos and getting things sorted out. I posted some of my favorites in the photos section of […]