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Anything that’s not poker-related.

Using Credit Cards Means Buying Two Products Instead Of One

Americans are in the habit of using credit cards to buy almost everything that’s for sale these days, but they don’t often know a lot about the cost of using them. I was reminded of this when I saw a tweet from a hockey writer today: Now, I’m not 100 percent certain that Jesse was […]

Finally, An Attractive Online Writing Portfolio

I’ve been creating content on the internet for the better part of a decade now. It keeps me busy. I’m almost embarrassed to say that even though I write so much, until recently I’ve neglected putting together a proper online writing portfolio.

Fantasy Hockey Is Back at Fantasy Sports Live

The return of the NHL this weekend means the return of fantasy hockey. I’ve gotten in on the action with a couple of groups over at Yahoo – one locally with my wife and some old friends, and two with hockey bloggers from the FanSided network – but those are strictly for fun. Fantasy Sports Live […]

Do Your Research

As those of you who know me are well aware, I’m a pretty big Nashville Predators fan. (Even when they’re not playing because of another lockout – but that’s a matter for another day.) I’m lucky that one of the best NHL blogs out there, On The Forecheck, happens to be focused on the Preds. […]

I Voted Yesterday…I Think

I don’t have any inside knowledge regarding what goes on in today’s American schools, but when I was growing up in the 1980s and ‘90s I was taught that there’s no more precious right in this republic than the right to vote.