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Anything that’s poker-related.

Poker Books, And Some Time At The Tables

My friends at Titanbet Poker over in the United Kingdom asked me what poker books every poker player ought to know. They gave me free rein to cover the topic, and I reached across a wide variety of subgenres to suggest a library of poker books that would make a well-rounded, well-read poker player out […]

Black Friday for Online Poker

I spit my faith on the city pavement To keep a smile I bought my legs from the US Government To keep me in line – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “US Government” Every time something bad happens to the poker industry, it seems to bounce back in solid shape. After yesterday’s bad news, I have […]

Speaking of Online Poker…

I’ve really been enjoying playing the multi-entry $1+$.10 Rush On Demand tournaments on Full Tilt lately. I wrote up a little post about them for the Poker From The Rail blog last week that you can read here. I was enthusiastic about them even before I had much success playing them – when I wrote […]

Goodbye Sahara

I read just a little while ago that the Sahara hotel and casino out in Las Vegas is closing down. I can’t say I’m surprised to hear the news. The Sahara was already in the late stages of decline when I first made my first trip to Vegas in 2004, decades after members of the Rat […]

Was Jonathan Duhamel’s WSOP Win Destiny?

Day 2 of the main event, Jonathan Duhamel was in seat 9, I was in seat 2… Since I had position on him all day, I put a lot of pressure on him all day long… Late in the day 2, I had more chips than him, I was on the button, everyone folded to […]