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Run Good Challenge 2: On to the Super Happy Grand Final

Only three spots in the RGC II final are open, so I need a good finish today to lock one of them up. I’d prefer to take it outright, but if I tie again at least I know I’ll have a shot at breaking it to score a seat. — me, before the third event […]

Run Good Challenge II: The Revenge?

You might remember that back in September I got invited to play in the inaugural PokerListings Run Good Challenge, a three-tournament series of freerolls hosted by the fine folks at PokerListings that culminated with a big Grand Final tournament among the highest-placed finishers. You might also remember that I narrowly missed the Grand Final, falling […]

You Can’t Run Good If You Run Bad

Change100 is moving on to the PokerListings Run Good Challenge Grand Final. I came up short in our heads-up match this afternoon, but it wasn’t for lack of trying. We played a total of 83 hands in 46 minutes. She jumped out to the lead early on, forcing me to play defense. I managed to […]

Email = g00t

Email is, in almost every respect, my preferred method of communication. It’s not just the ease of use; it’s the content that’s a million times better than I get over the phone or in the old mailbox barely hanging on to its decrepit post out front by the road. Take, for instance, an email I […]

WSOP 2008: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

It’s true: our yearly descent into Sin City in pursuit of pieces of silver is almost upon us. In a scant 50 days I’ll be separated from the land I love. The number is small enough to give me pause, if only for a few moments’ reflection before returning to work.