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Like A Sore Tooth

Bill Hicks once likened his addiction to the show COPS to having a sore tooth he just couldn’t stop touching. I think I’ve found my sore tooth that I need to quit touching over at CNN: the public comments on news stories. Check out this one about Karl Rove speaking at the University of Iowa. […]

I’m Mad As Hell, But I’m Going To Take It Anyway!

What ever happened to the concept of leadership? I seem to remember that when the Democratic Party gained a majority in Congress and the Senate during the last election, they (and all their supporters) claimed that things were going to CHANGE when they got to Washington. No more business as usual! (Hooray! Prepare to sweep […]

Gene Gets Mean

Mean Gene thoroughly fisks an anti-online-gambling rant by Senator John Kyl (R-AZ). Absolutely, 100% worth reading if you follow the issue at all.

And I Thought All He Knew Was Attaching Unrelated Riders To Security Bills!

Did you know that Bill Frist is a blogger? He writes blog entries (or is at least credited with their bylines) for VOLPAC, the Volunteer Political Action Committee, which he chairs and co-founded in 1998. I wonder have to wonder: if enough poker players wrote to him asking him why he handled passage of the […]

Best Quiz Ever

It’s here. (The guy on the left is profiled here.) (H/T: The Agitator)