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Like A Sore Tooth

Bill Hicks once likened his addiction to the show COPS to having a sore tooth he just couldn’t stop touching. I think I’ve found my sore tooth that I need to quit touching over at CNN: the public comments on news stories. Check out this one about Karl Rove speaking at the University of Iowa. […]

Gene Gets Mean

Mean Gene thoroughly fisks an anti-online-gambling rant by Senator John Kyl (R-AZ). Absolutely, 100% worth reading if you follow the issue at all.

And I Thought All He Knew Was Attaching Unrelated Riders To Security Bills!

Did you know that Bill Frist is a blogger? He writes blog entries (or is at least credited with their bylines) for VOLPAC, the Volunteer Political Action Committee, which he chairs and co-founded in 1998. I wonder have to wonder: if enough poker players wrote to him asking him why he handled passage of the […]

Best Quiz Ever

It’s here. (The guy on the left is profiled here.) (H/T: The Agitator)


This is worth watching over and over, just to see the expression on Dina Sansing’s face. I wish the resolution were better, though – I’d like to see exactly what color Glenn Beck’s face turned. Beck reminds me of the gung-ho patriotic TV host in V For Vendetta, only instead of trying to appear ruthless […]