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Thoughts On “The Master”

Finally got to see The Master today. I went out of my way not to read reviews beforehand so I could come to the film on its own terms. My immediate reaction was positive; I wish I could go see it again a couple of times while it’s still on the big screen. No big […]

The Movie I Wish I’d Seen

I wish Rachel and I had paid to see a biopic of Otto Rahn instead of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. It’s almost a guarantee the script would be better than the garbage foisted on us by George Lucas last night. If I didn’t have a lot of work to Vegas […]

The Escape Was The Easy Part

I can’t wait to see this.

I Can’t Keep Doing This With These…People

There Will Be Blood: the most important American film of the 21st century. Don’t agree? Prove me wrong.

Catch-All Post #247 (In Case Of Emergency, Office Of Blog Post Titles Will Supply Title)

Sometimes I go for weeks, months even, with nothing to say here. Then out of nowhere it’s like someone has injected me with MustPost and for seven or eight days straight I’m a blogging machine. Then I go dormant again – and the injections come once more. It’s a real roller coaster ride, except for […]