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Ohhhhhhhhh Baby

Nashville Predators Acquire Peter Forsberg We gave up a lot to get him, especially up-and-coming Ryan Parent, but Forsberg is one of the best players in the game. He also serves as basically a rental with his contract running out soon. But still, after years of having one of the weakest groups of centers in […]

A Post Without A Name, Consisting Of Subsections With Song And Album Titles Which, When Interpreted Correctly, Can Apply Loosely To The Information Presented Thereafter, Followed By A Contest (No Warranties Express Or Implied; Tax, Title, and License Extra; See Our Website For Details)

I Might Need You To Kill I’ve neglected for quite some time to mention who won the Name The Cat contest I started late last year when a little furry bag of bones showed up shivering on our doorstep. Well, let’s satisfy everyone’s curiosity right now: Gracie needs to pick a time and place for […]

Predators’ Den

Predators’ Den wound up becoming a collaborative project with my best friend Charlie Tuttle. Charlie joined on just after the Nashville Predators’ first-ever playoff run ended. The Den housed a litany of rants against the NHL lockout of 2004-05, and was the original site where I published my letter to Nashville Predators owner Craig Leipold […]