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Housecleaning and the Nashville Skyline

I decided to clean up the blog today, mainly focusing on the blogroll over at the right. Blogroll’s actually not such a good word for it, because I link to lots of sites that aren’t blogs at all, but we use words all the time even though their original meanings don’t fit our usage so […]

Soundtrack To An Installation

Rachel and I are still at Twist Gallery in Nashville, where she is finishing up the installation of The Big Payback. It’s a long process – about 24 hours by the end – involving drawing, painting, and a bit of 3-D work, as well as a supportive husband taking lots of photos and some video. […]

You Gotta Renovate Your Background Mind

Rachel has been hard at work at Twist Gallery in Nashville today, creating her installation The Big Payback. I’ve been hanging around documenting the entire experience from the beginning and lending support wherever necessary. Even though she’s accomplished a lot, the work won’t be finished when we leave the gallery tonight. We’ll return tomorrow after […]

The Scene Takes Notice

Everyone in our household totally

I’ll Give It A Shot

Rachel is the artist in this family. I’ve got next-to-nothing in the skill department when it comes to making anything with my hands, which is why I tend to stay focused on pursuits involving words. When she told me about an upcoming show at a gallery in Nashville, though, I decided I’d give it a […]